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Ithumba Hill Camp is owned by the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. It is a self-catering property offering increased luxury for guests exploring Tsavo East’s remote northern area whilst visiting the Trust’s Ithumba elephant orphans. The property has an elevated position halfway up Ithumba Hill, set amongst the bush and acacia trees surrounding the Galana River, offering enjoyable breath-taking views across Tsavo East’s vast landscape. Designed to preserve the integrity of the wilderness and support conservation within Tsavo National Park, in-house guest can tour the Ithumba station in the morning and evenings and also visit the waterhole where the elephants enjoy their midday mud-bath.

Tuesday 29th October 2019-after a busy morning of shopping for our guests visiting Ithumba Camp in Tsavo East on a safari, we drove down to Ithumba with Robinson along with the shopping. After a 5 hours drive, we got to the camp at dusk . We arrived to a warm welcome by the property manager Mr Kenneth and his team. Darkness had filled the air but from a glance I could not believe how wonderful the place was. We offloaded, freshened up then had a delicious dinner before going to bed. I couldn’t wait for morning to come…


The property has a spacious lodge area with classic simple designs and furnishes that provides a nice space to sit and relax and unwind. The lodge is adjoined under one roof with the dining area that is well fitted with dinning tables and seats. It has a lower open deck suitable for taking breakfast and evening meals.


There are 4 spacious and elegantly raised twin tented bedrooms accommodating up to a maximum of 8 guest. Each bedroom is tactfully crafted and positioned on the side of the hill, offering different unique positioning experience and views. Each bedrooms has a generously raised balcony with sun loungers and plenty of space to relax and unwind. Every bedroom has an en suited outside bathroom area exposed to the sky and a beautiful view of the park. All rooms are allocated names based on their positioning on the hill:


Baobab bedroom is the closest room to the lodge area. It is situated between majestic baobab trees offering the best views. Its the only bedroom in the camp with internet access.


Yatta room is positioned against the side of the hill on a a higher ground compared to all other bedrooms. Compared to all other rooms, this room offers the most spectacular view of the park and the Yatta plateau.


Boulders room is surrounded by a giant boulders and is the only room in the camp with a bathtub.


Located furthest from the lodge area, with the longest and beautiful wooden walkway, the fig room is suitable for honeymooners who wish to have their own lonely time. It is tucked between branches and a shade of a giant fig tree.


The Pool is what caught my eyes at the camp, it is definitely the best place to hang out since the area is humid hot. It is positioned high over the lodge area, designed in a unique style offering a magnificent view of the whole camp and the park.


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