Are you having a stressful day? or you just had a boring day or maybe you feel depressed and you want to end your day in an awesome style…? Do you know there are many different ways around us that can help restore your mood that does not require energy or cost you a penny??

My best way to deal with these problems is by watching the sun disappear into the horizon, always accompanied with a glass of fruit cocktail from the rooftop or open fields. The sun downer moment is always magical to my thoughts considering the way the sky takes the shade of orange reflection from the clouds. At this moment everything else seem to look amazingly beautiful ranging from: the hills that the sun is downing at, trees (mostly acacias), buildings, groups of birds reporting back to their families, water bodies among other things.

Taking evening walks at the beach also is the most awesome experience that always gives someone an amazing feeling. The cool breeze blowing from the ocean, the sounds of aquatic birds, sounds of waves breaking at the shores, the beautiful appearance of the palm trees and the awesome feeling of walking barefoot on the beach sand is a mind opener and the best therapy someone can have.

Take for example seating or standing in your balcony with a glass of juice or your favorite drink, looking through your beautiful backyard or looking down the streets viewing how busy and crazy the city or the neighborhood you live in operates! The sounds from vehicles, birds and people, the beautiful view of the city, the refreshing fresh air blowing straight on your face will make you focus on the brighter side of life. This gives you the mindset that there is more to enjoy and to live for than what was troubling you before. Therefore, all these ways of freeing and relieving your mind from depression and stress may even open up your mind into finding  awesome and well-informed ways to solve your problem.

Just lying on your back, on an open field late in the evening and looking up to the sky is enough therapy sometimes. The shade of blue that the sky takes at night, the amazing patterns that clouds form up there, watching how fast the clouds are moves by the blowing wind, the stars dazzling in different patterns and the shining moon lighting up the sky are just some of the thing that may turn your evening into a jam free mind, away from stress and depression imprisonment.


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  1. Dj teestar says:

    So refreshing life hints.. Amazing views dear friend

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  2. Pauline says:

    it’s just amazing how we associate and connect with nature in a more deeper and sensational way…its the best feeling and remedy for relieving stress….this is really a nice one… kudos.

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  3. Collins Ngetich. says:

    Nature therapy-My best way to heal up of stress or refreshen my mind is evening walks, then taking silhoutte pictures against the sunset.
    I guess nature has a way of talking to us silently, whispering to our souls.

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