There is only one species of giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis) but as many as 8 sub species of which three of them are found in Kenya (Maasai, Rothschild and the Reticulated giraffe). The Rothschild giraffe is differentiated from the rest by having spotless lower limps and males having five horns. However, this sub species is considered Endangered.


In Kenya, they originally were found in Western Kenya but because of human wildlife conflict (people needed more room for settlement and agriculture therefore they crouched into their habitat), they lost their habitat and therefore they reduced in numbers at alarming rates to less than 200 of them remaining.


Jock and Betty Leslie-Melville founders of AFEW Kenya (African Funds For Endangered Wildlife) began the Giraffe Center (breeding center for the giraffe) after discovering the sad plight of the Rothschild Giraffe.This with the extraordinary vision of creating an educational institution in conjunction with rescuing this giraffe species. There are now over 500 Rothschild Giraffe safe and breeding well in various Kenyan national parks. Recent herds have been introduced to Soysambu Ranch by Lake Elementaita in the Great Rift Valley, Kigio Conservancy and the Sergoit Ranch in the Mount Elgon region. Till date, Giraffe Center is a well known environmental conservation education center and a breeding center for the Rothschild Giraffe.


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    very helpful information, thanks for sharing

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  2. Great story! And I love to learn about places and people in other countries than my own. And animals. I love animals 😊

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